Youth Vitality
Reviving Activating Serum Mask

A multi-benefit rejuvenating mask with a concentrated formula inspired by Treasured Mirror of Eastern Medicine enriched with Golden Ginseng, the pinnacle of herbal remedies.

Volume:30ml (5pcs)

  • This mask is infused with 7 types of hyaluronic acid, burdock seed, Longan, Adenosine and Oriental Detox complex to bring you the perfect anti-aging solution.
  • Skin is visibly rejuvenated, more radiant and gorgeously nourished.
Ingredients & Benefits
Golden Ginseng Extract
Moisturizes and maintains skin elasticity
Oriental Detox Complex
Mitigates the harmfulness of heavy metals, air pollutants, and Ultraviolet rays to the skin; improves dullness and evens skin tone
Longan Extract
Refines and softens fine lines
Burdock Seeds Extract
Revitalizes and reduces the look of skin aging
Moist-7 Complex
Infusing skin with moisture from the inside making skin hydrated and healthy
Directions for Use
After washing your face, fit the mask onto the skin as snugly as possible, adjusting for nose and mouth positioning. Leave on for 20 to 25 minutes then remove the mask and gently tap the remaining serum for full absorption into the skin. Suggested use: 2-3 times a week